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tHe MoViLlE gUrLiEz

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heY!this commUnity is for all us KraZy cHiX down here in mo-ville. lol.have fun and obey tha rules!!
-`tha ruLes`-
1.if ur not in this community do not comment on my members ljs and start fights with them. do that on their regular lj entries. not on here.
2.dont bully each other!!lmao. just had to put that u guys lol.
3.u gotta live in morrisville or ur not welcome herr!lol. but uh yea cuz the title is m0_viLLe_cHix! key word there being....moville! hehe. well actually if ur one of the few ppl who dont live down here but visit often then go ahead and join!
4.uPdAtE oFtEn! if u dont update at least once a month im gonna have to kick ya out.

alright thats ill i can think ov for now. not too many rules to follow so pleeez be good!lol. l8r!
a`k`a stOrm

ok well thats all. not